Cindy is a Florida native who lives and paints in both Tampa and Amelia Island.

Her paintings are abstractions of life and nature and emotions, mostly using the colors of the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the other vibrant colors of her beautiful home state.


I have been painting since I was 8 years old. My early years were influenced by our next door neighbor in the mountains of Virginia, a regional award winning painter and photographer- Dixie Lee Lerro. She had the most beautiful studio which seemed like a mansion to me at that age. These were the years when doors were left unlocked so I was able to come in at any time and stay as long as I liked. I knew from an early age that being an artist is what I would be someday. It is said that " the desire to make art begins at an early age and the desire persists. And sooner or later, it must be addressed".

The desire to make art is integral to who I am.

As a young person and a young adult I believed that art had to be representational. I married my high school sweetheart and took a 20 year sabbatical to raise four wonderful kids.
After the birth of my third son, I began to see the world and life through completely different eyes. Dustin was born with Down Syndrome. For the first time in my life, my perspective on everything-love, life, nature, relationships, and art had changed. I learned to see differently and it is through this wonderful disruption in my life that I began to evolve into the painter I am today.

I consider myself an emerging artist because I have had no formal education other than a couple years of art and design classes in college before my parents persuaded me to get a more practical major. I have a Bachelor in Business Administration. I have barely used it. But I continue to paint.

I feel in color. My moods have color. My dreams have color. The letters of the alphabet as well as numbers have color. Simply put, I do not know how to think, see or feel without color and paint.

Whether or not you are ever moved to hang one of my paintings in your home I do hope that when you look at my work, it will cause you to take pause, and feel something alive and energetic. I hope that my work causes you to stare just a little longer and conjure up images in your mind, and make you feel and make you wonder.